“Dominic is clearly an accomplished artist in his own right but his experience working professionally at the top level with some of the world’s leading orchestras is something you just can’t match unless you’ve been there and done it like he has. Working with him is a pleasure, he understands our aims, brings fresh ideas to the table but with a pragmatic approach.”

Stephen Bond, CEO of China International Arts and Culture Company

“I have found Dominic to be a very personable, enterprising and brilliant musician, who keeps abreast of new, creative, musical opportunities. He was helpful to me in finding a number of very able musicians, as well as contributing his excellent performing skills, to an important musical project: that embraced a number of musical cultures, in celebrating the spirit of internationalism for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Philip Herbert Composer, Musician, Educator

“Like many among the audience in the hall and at home, the highpoint for him was Judi Dench’s consummate performance of “Send in the clowns”.

Not just because she was so great, she sang and acted it so beautifully,” he says. “But from a conductor’s perspective. Technically, it’s a difficult song because you’re always waiting for the singer and you’ve got to come in with the pizzicato on the double bass, on a certain word on the downbeat. Luckily, I had a wonderful principal bass player in Dominic Worsley, who listened to Judi and played at exactly the right moment for her, so I didn’t have to worry about it. That song is so difficult, harder than anything that goes fast.

Quotes from David Charles Abell – Conductor for the BBC Concert Orchestra

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